Gooooooood Mooooorning Oppositelock!

I can just get it them in the frame. T Bird sounds awesome, and according to my son, the rebuilt brakes stop the big beast hard. Because they’re big. Everything on this car is big. I let my son drive it home from the shop and he was grinning like an idiot. “Dad,” he says, “it’s just like I remember. The body rolls all over the place.” That’s my boy.


I drove the Sunchaser yesterday for the first time in a while because the weather finally cleared. It was awesome. It’s funny how relative things are. When I had the big Infiniti, I would drive the Sunchaser and it felt small and light. After driving the GTI, the Sunchaser feels sloppy and all over the road, and holy shit does the shifter feel long and heavy.

I had a really stressful day yesterday. It worries me. It isn’t good for me. But how do I not be stressed under those circumstances? I don’t think there are any breathing techinques for that. I don’t carry it around. When it’s over, it’s gone. But yesterday was a unrelenting and increasing pressure for an entire day. You can’t meditate your way out of that.


Oh, well. I was really spent last night. The weekend will be nice.

Friends told me the Univision story wasn’t too bad, and that I looked good in the phrase they gave me. It was a pretty good quote from me. Pumpkin still likes me. She just grabbed my hand and is purring and licking my fingers.


Good kitty.

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