So here are my 2 videos from my sessions at COTA last Friday. They are sessions 2 and 3, I forgot to turn the camera on for number 1 (which is fine because I was still learning the line). I wouldn't really bother with audio, since all you really hear is wind noise. I think next time I am going to do an in-car angle, at least until I get a remote mic.

Session 2 I was still learning the line at the beginning, but slowly gaining my confidence. Also, the video isn't that great because a bug had splattered on the lens during session 1 and I didn't notice it.

Session 3 I was much more confident, and spent a good while chasing down the red 2002. Unfortunately, the driver did not realize that he had a better power/weight ratio than me, so even though I could catch him through all the twisties, whenever he pointed me by he kept the hammer down, and I couldn't pass him. This should give you an idea of how underpowered my car is, and the disadvantage of making my car look so mean. Also, you will see me back off around the 16:15 mark coming down the grand stand straight. This is because the 2002 dumped fuel out of what looked to be his exhaust, enough for us to smell it very strongly in my car for the rest of the session. We kept telling the corner workers to black flag him after this, but they couldn't understand my instructor. Also, on the last lap, I start taking it easy because on a down shift, my shift knob popped off! So I pit a little early for my session.

After watching the videos, the lines I was taking in session 3 were much much better, and I was getting more consistent. One more session and I feel like I would've been confident enough to really get after it. I especially look forward to using these videos as a refresher for next time, but I'm not claiming anyone should use my videos as a guide. There are a ton of different lines that can be taken through this course, depending on the car and driver. But this does make me want to go back even more, hopefully this time with a lap timer!