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GoPro vids from autocross today

Track sucked for me, the big slalom on the way out I needed to shift to 3rd and then back down to 2nd and it was killing me. The new tires did amazingly well though, and I still had a blast! Met up with My Buick is Too A Real Muscle Car and got a ride in the racing boat, that was exciting.

I stayed true to my cone killer sticker and had no clean runs.

Run 1 was fairly clean, only one cone. Also really slow

Run 2 I had My Buick is Too A Real Muscle Car riding shotgun. This was technically my best run of the day, but I still hit a cone

Run 3 was pretty freaking terrible. I had My Buick is Too A Real Muscle Car's buddy with me this time, hit 3 cones

Run 4 was awful. I screwed up at the start which got in my head a bit, then totally messed up the slalom and just went balls to the walls and drove my ass off the rest of the way hitting another cone. I wish I could have gotten another run in, I was getting pretty fast but making too many mistakes. The Sonic was oversteering like a boss on this run as well, which made quite an impression on some people apparently. I thought I was going to spin twice

As far as times were concerned I was doing alright from what I could see. There were a couple of Mini's in my heat and I was only a few seconds off the slower of the two, but it was still a JCW so it's not much a fair fight. The second heat had more comparable cars but I haven't seen the times. I'll post an update when I find out later.


Oh, and the cars there were cool. A handful of WRX's, a couple FRS/BRZs, some Acura RSXs, an NSX, a bunch of Corvettes, and a real mini Mini. I was bummed the NSX and Corvettes all ran in my heat though...

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