Gorillaz was great.

Photo by me.

Definitely one of the best concerts I’ve ever seen. The raw energy throughout the arena was something purely magical. Plus tons of great guests and collaborators came out and some unexpected songs were played as well. Great times.

Photo by not me.

You really have to give props to Damon Albarn for all of this.

I don’t think I could do anything like this. The fact that they’re running around the world non-stop with shows every 2-3 nights with barely any resting room is admirable, and Damon still gets up there and keeps going.

But you can tell...it’s starting to become a tad much. A lot of people I’ve talked to said that he had a certain weary and tired edge to his performance. Not enough to ruin it, but you can tell he needs some time off.

There was a portion during the finale where he collapsed on the floor, seemingly purposefully because he was kind of laying there but still moving around and stuff, and was quick to get back up as the show ended. At first, I was afraid something may have happened to him, but when he got up, it was obvious that it was in jest.


Be that as it may...you can only do this so much. And I’d rather him postpone or cancel a few tour dates than tire himself out of ever doing this again.


But yeah...great time. Great show. Definitely would go see again.

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