mmm. Lookit that turbo goodness :D

Got the wiring harness extended for the vane airflow meter using eight wires. Blue and blue with a white stripe. Hell yes.

The Kansas heat made my mirrors start to fall off so I bolted those bastards to the door. Probably gonna get some CF miata-specific ones later ‘cuz these generic things don’t even come close to fitting.


Went for a five-odd mile drive. Makes fun noises. Lack of a blowoff valve means there’s lots of very entertaining squirrel noises when I lift to shift. Blows my mind how well this handles on the 430/370 or whatever springs I have on here now. Zoom zoom, indeed. The engine runs better with this turbo than it ever did in the past. Not sure why. Perhaps the copious amounts of oil I sucked through the engine or the 2psi of positive crankcase pressure I accidentally applied somehow cleaned it out? Either way, it starts right up and immediately settles into a perfect idle and runs like a dream save for a nasty exhaust rattle at 5000rpm due to my inability to get my stupid midpipe flange bolts to stay in place. Need more loctite, evidently.


Mocking up my center stack. Going to have a Lepai 2020a+ just so I can listen to something other than wind noise, even if it sounds like crap. Below that will be the boost gauge, air fuel gauge, and the window switch, in that order.