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Wife's CX-9 (2008, 101k) has been having some driveline issues as of late, and with the cold snap ending and the 1yr powertrain warranty we got with it running out, I had her drop it off at work yesterday to see what's what, and get it all taken care of.


There's been a popping noise under acceleration while turning from a stop, some minor seepage of seals in the rear diff and transfer case, and very lately, a vibration felt at certain RPMs and speeds.

The tech assigned to it and I took it for a drive this morning, and we felt the vibration, and heard the popping noise once. He put it up on the lift and had someone drive it, and found HOPEFULLY the cause of both issues. Rear end.


Growling like a sonofabitch, but I could never hear it from inside the car. Damn you, NVH noise cancelling thingies. Seriously, I always have to check the tach after starting it to make sure its running, its so damn quiet in there.

So the next step is probably sending someone from the warranty company out since it's a pretty expensive part, plus labor (and before you ask, no... no rebuilds on these).

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