About friggin' time. I warned my mother 5 years ago that the old unit would fail at any day. Now she found out it uses the old gas, the day it failed, exactly what I told her 5 years ago.

My neighbour envies us now (jokingly of course).

Looks like this now:

My dad's bikes had to stay outside for about a day.

Used to look like this a day ago, We got rid of the jungle that was growing in:


Yes. that was a tree growing in beside it, in between the slabs of concrete.

The installers found a dead mouse inside the old unit, and are assuming that's why it failed. It likely overloaded a capacitor because of that rat's electrical shenanigans.


These bushes were thorny, and kept prickling me every damn time.

Now thinking about it, I might be able to squeeze a project car in here. Older cars tend to be a lot smaller than today's, so why not? My father also left an old VW Fox where the shed is right now, so it's possible.