The original mufflers and pipe were so rusted out they weren’t really doing their job of getting exhaust out the back (plus I smelled like exhaust everytime I got out of the car). So, I got a new exhaust on the Bellett today, but the dopes didn’t order mufflers. They just assumed I’d be okay with straight pipes. I laughed and said no, at least put something on there for now. However, since the two pipes are 1.75" they didn’t really have anything that would fit. They grabbed the smallest glasspack mufflers they had, which were like 2.25" or 2.5" and welded them up. They are grossly oversized and the car is obnoxiously/embarrassingly loud.

I got home and ordered some more appropriate glasspacks on Amazon as well as some slip in baffles for the pipes. Hopefully we can quiet it down to a more reasonable level but keep the unique rumble of true duals (1 and 4 on one pipe and 2 and 3 on the other). At least the piping and bends are pretty good.