Got a New Instrument, a Tenor Guitar

With my birthday coming up, I decided to expand my horizons as a musician. Currently I play bass guitar and mess around with the ukulele and banjo. I prefer four to five string instruments, so when I found out tenor guitars were a thing, I was very interested.

The tenor is in the middle, compared to my Dean acoustic bass and MrsZtp’s Sigma guitar.

Its a Ibanez PFT2 Tenor Guitar, tuned to CGBA, and has a mini-dreadnought body with about a 22.8" neck. Bass guitars tend to have a 34" neck.. It’s incredibly small, but still pretty decent IMHO. It’s really fun to play though.

Seen here with a tenor ukulele and a soprano/regular ukulele as well.

It was under $200, which isn’t a bad price for a beginners instrument. It’s all laminate too, but I can always upgrade to something better later on in life. This way I can try it out to see if it’s something I’d like to pursue or not.

Notice how the tenor neck is not very wide. Smaller than a ukulele’s neck width.

One fun thing about the tenor is that it’s not often seen; sort of like how you rarely see super cars on the road unless you live by a rich neighborhood. And most everyone plays guitar, not many play a tenor guitar, so this odd instrument just drew me towards it.

Just the guitars.

Would I recommend it? I totally would. It’s a versatile instrument too, with multiple ‘normal’ tunings, like GDAD or even DGBE (like a guitar). It’s a fun instrument to just jam and play around with.

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