Nice grandpa car now for the rest of the trip. I’ve always kinda liked the malibu/impala, GM has not done a bad job with this car. It’s boring but comfortable, quick enough, and the infotainment feels well thought out and easy to use. In general it’s a boat but it feels quality and seems to do the job. At least we can now finish out this vacation enjoyably and not deal with insurance bullshit until we get back to the mainland. From now on its just headaches of paperwork in my future but no more trip interruptions. Enjoying the north Shore now until Monday when we give up the car and do the resort thing for the last day.


Let’s hope we have better luck with this rental! Don’t want to know what a hassle multiple claims on one trip would be. Thankfully we are out of the ghetto now since the west side is known as a “rough area” on the island. But honestly tourists are generally worse drivers anyways so it’s still a gamble out there. Will just be relaxing and enjoying the sightseeing!

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