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got a new side project

The lady said that her house looks too much liek the houses around her and wants to stand out. She might sell soon so what ever renovation / face lift type thing she does, she wants to get a return in the sale price. The house is in good shape so its not like replacing the trim would do anything. shes pretty close to the setback so i think even adding a porch to the front would be a process. I thought maybe replacing the clapboard with natural shingles and replacing the gutters and downspouts with galvanized steel or copper. From what I understand, the easiest way to add value to the house is to add area. I thought of building over the entry way, but the wall spitting the rooms on the second floor almost aligns with the peak of the entry, so i’d be adding a 6'x4' room which is pretty useless. she showed me some photos of what shes like which I have at the bottom.

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