It’s such a sparce county that the officer who pulled me over was the same one who stopped me last month. Except this time he had a reason to write a ticket.

Image from when I was pulled over in april

Said I was doing 83mph in a 65, to be fair I have no speedo so I figured closer to 70-75mph. Getting pulled over last month was because I have no badges on the car, and because I quickly stopped for a pullout (turbo oil pressure dropped to zero abruptly) No ticket was issued.


Annnnyways, as he was writing the ticket someone was smart enough to pull a u turn across the highway right next to us so the patrol sped off for about 10 minutes. Once he came back I was told the ticket will be for 79mph because it will cost half as much. He was pretty nice to talk to on both occasions and didn’t say anything about the ducting going under the passenger seat or the exhaust, he did mention the cracked windshield but didn’t write a ticket after I noted how low it sits.

My first ticket in two years, hoping it dosent cost a fortune.

Sidenote: Saw someone pulled over before entering the highway, someone was pulled over in the same clearing next to the highway where I was ticketed, the same officer was ticketing another person as I was re-entering town from the highway. All in the span of 45 minutes, it must have been a day to crack down or something. I mean there’s only so many highway patrols in a county larger than some states so for at least 3 of them to be in a 15 mile radius means theres a reason.

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