It was either a 2015 or 2016 - not quite sure which. It was brand new. One of the local schools was having a car show, and if you took a Ford for a test drive, they’d donate $20 to the school. So why the heck not, eh?

With < 5 minutes in the car, my observations are thus:

  • Man, the hood on this thing is loooooong. It felt like I was a mile from the front bumper. But maybe that’s because I’m used to driving a Honda Civic.
  • Seating seemed comfortable enough. I can’t imagine the back being comfortable for anything other than small children and/or little people.
  • Visibility wasn’t actually as bad as I was expecting. Same with the high belt-line. The door still had a decent ledge to rest your arm on.
  • The steering wheel is surprisingly small, and the throttle and brakes seemed pretty touchy - very similar to my father-in-law’s Kia Forte Koupe. I suspect manufacturers are doing this to make things feel sportier than they may actually be.
  • Turbo lag was..... noticeable. Just like the Ecoboost fusion, it takes a little bit for things to wind up. When they do, though... I could see myself getting in trouble pretty quick in a car like this.
  • It’d be interesting to see how it handles out on a track with some corners that can be taken at speed.

All in all - not a bad car. Completely unsuitable for my current situation though (wife and baby). If they made a 4-door wagon version, I’d be all over it. Maybe in 15 years, I’ll pick up an Ecoboost Mustang for cheap and build my own wagon out of it.