Got a start on doing some Aero fab work for the S2k.

 I’m building a track lip (2.5" off the ground, removable), wing and underbody tray for my S2k. Got a start today. Decided to start with the lip as a warm-up, since I’m a little rusty working with composites and mounting the wing will require far more forethought.

Started by tracing out the existing lip (4.5” clearance)


After that I did the same for the corners, and sanded them both down.I’m planning to lay the kevlar tomorrow, cut to shape, and fit. I’ll also be repairing the existing lip but that’ll require some warmer weather. Here’s two pieces mocked up:

Kevlar seemed like a good choice for the two lip kits, due to the resilience. The wing will be a CR-type design with a low AOA in the center... I’ll probably use carbon fiber for that since it’s more rigid than Kevlar or glass. Not sure on underbody tray... that’ll take a lot more research.

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