Got a thing a lot like my old thing


I missed my last g35 that i wrecked last year so got another one just like it. 2004 g35 automatic. Premium package with sunroof. Bought from a guy near me for $2000 ....The original owner! Lots of oil change receipts which is good as it has 257000 miles.

Runs and shifts great. Passed emissions. Ac is cold (thank goodness!) Needs 2 tires, one passenger window motor, and power drivers seat doesnt move all the way back and makes nasty crunching noises. (anybody got a powered g35 coupe or sedan seat?)

A little body damage on pass side and rear bumper but ive already got a new bumper.

Plans: use the resonator pipe i bought for my last g35.

Swap to 2005 side skirts

Clean up side damage and headlights.

Wheels: i bought 18" 2012 coupe wheels for it to replace factory 17s. (Anybody want stock 17s with 2 good tires cheap?)


Bonus manual gti

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