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Got a visit from the fine folks at OSHA today

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We knew it would happen at some point. But an ex employee called OSHA on us so some timelines are getting moved up...that is, if our plant manager will take his head out of his ass. We’re a chemical plant and the OSHA inspector correctly identified that chemical knowledge starts and ends with me. Nione was thrown under the bus, but I made a pact with the workers to fight to.make sure they get proper training and equipment.


Wsh me luck tomorrow, Oppo. I’m a product development chemist who gets to reform a chemical plant and also deal with a waste water irregularity that popped up as I tried to leave. And oh, BTW, I have two products testing in the field and a third about to hit our first test sites that I need to check up on and report back some findings.

Looks like I'm earning every cent of that paycheck this week.

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