The wife’s Fit is in for its Takata airbag recall, and we got an HR-V as a loaner. Which is nice because before we even bought the Fit I thought “after this next car we’re getting an HR-V. This one is even the color we’d get Mulberry pearl. It’s got some awesome flake in it, although it does look like black 99% of the time.

My wife got out of it today and told me “it’s ugly as sin but I do like driving it more than the Fit. she likes that it’s higher up mainly. Although the higher sills, and dash give you more of a “sitting I the car” feeling compared to the Fit’s minivan like “sitting on top of the car”.

I like it a lot to the 141hp 1.8l is a huuuge I’m provement from the 1.6 in the Fit. The CVT is weird, but get the job done, and at least tries to let you have fun. Unsurprisingly the car isn’t fun at all on dirt, dispite being AWD. And it has a definite feeling of being very fragile. I’ve had lots of cars that feel unbrakable, and this is not on of them. The interior loses all of the Fit’s charm, but t is very well laid out, and I like that the door panels are covered in soft padded cloth, although I’m sure it won’t wear well.

I’m still considering it a contender for her new car, but for me I’d stick with a Fit.