Good news! My Cruiser wasn’t stolen! The bad news is that it does have a bent axle. .51 degrees. Rear axle, drivers side...most likely from an accident it had WAY earlier in its life in that corner. I found a place that bends axles but it does make me wonder about the process...anyone have any experience? $90 seems like a great deal for a service like that. Thoughts?

Also, I had a really good Reuben for lunch. No you can’t have pictures. Deal with it. This aint no chicken parm, son.

Also I really like finding good places that are interested in doing quality work, even if it means appointments and driving a little out of the way. They took their time, walked me out to talk about what was going on and made sure I had my options in hand without being all sales pitchy. 10 out of 10 would recommend this alignment shop to anyone, its been my 2nd great experience there.

Sidenote: This confirms my suspicions that I’ve reached my lifetime allotment of COTD and wont be getting any more apparently.