Left my little van with a good shop because I drove the wheels off it and still had a few thousand km to go before I could rest. Pulled the old 85 Hilux out of retirement as I often do and soldiered on.. I thought I had a cooked wheel bearing but that turned out to be some A arm bushings. The exhaust leak was some bullshit with cracked manifold, blown donut, wratched out flex connect and blown exhaust gasket. I’m glad I decided to take it to a shop. It was so nasty they took it to a shop too. (and I know the guy who did the exhaust too). Put 2,000 km on the Hilux in 4 days (5,000 according to my spinal cord, still I love the old beast so much) and went back to get my panel van. Got it back, shot the shit and ogled the Mach 1 on the hoist. Had a Check engine light as I drove away. Wasn’t concerned and I have a codescanner, which I usually keep in the van. Got it home and turned the light off, some maf sensor nonsense. The kind of thing one encounters starting a car with things unplugged. Half an hour later I drove over to downtown Canada pharmacy for inexpensive drugs. (enough to make Regina look like Saskatoon, Sipmsons reference, no clip available, but seriously my prescriptions are affordable). All the lights came on,

It was not “nothing” as I previously assumed. Code this and code that, intake air temp input high, other input low, maf sensor eject etc. So I went looking and in about 5 minutes I found the unplugged maf sensor, never mentioned it to the shop because he showed me the nasty bits he had to knock out and more than one cracked exhaust manifold for a car that has but one. It had been a dirty bastard to fix a mundane car. To the mechanically inclined a sea of idiot lights is not really a big deal. They’ve always felt bad handing anyone a hefty bill, and if it has wheels, they can fix it. A good trusted shop. (there was a thouroughbred restored Mustang with all the correct runs and chalkmarks etc on the hoist.) Junior daily drives a 69 cougar X-R7, and the old man had a 58 ford Retractable, one hell of a car. The point being, If you’ve got a good mechanic, treat them well. Don’t whine about a single mismatched interior screw and such, they were willing to work on your neglected heap in the first place.