Well, the long arm of the law caught me, a week ago, doing an alleged 77 in a 55, and I'm getting all my stuff together to go see a Legal Eagle, in a few hours.

I'm hoping that he thinks it's easily dismissed, and that the errors /I/ caught on the ticket will work in my favor. (Year of the car is off by 12 years for my Mazda3, narrative is missing, expiration date for license is incomplete.) Also on the list of things I hope work in my favor is the fact my MVR is spotless, currently. (I went down and got a copy from the Department of Safety and Homeland Security, just in case.)


OTOH, I also know the judge I'll be seeing, since it's in my hometown, and he has a reputation for being a hardass on speeding. That's why I'm seeing the legal eagle, to see if we can get a deal worked out pre-trial and get it reduced to a non-moving violation, or get the court date moved to one where a more favorable judge will preside.

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