Got crossbars!

An older Yakima set but they seem very solid. Also came with 4 Thule bike racks, the other one is in the trunk. I only have 1 bike that will work with them though, so probably going to resell them.


Think it looks good.

I went to the dealer this weekend to get the radio fixed. The left channel of audio isn’t playing through Bluetooth. They tried telling me I didn’t know how Bluetooth worked, and that it’s supposed to be that way. I guess the bumper to bumper warranty doesn’t cover things they don’t think are problems. I went back and forth with the tech for an hour on this and they weren’t willing to do anything.

I think I'm just going to get a new head unit. Apparently there are a lot of VW oem Android auto/ car play units coming in from China, so I might try that out. 

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