A huge truck not a semi a huge fully complete tanker truck. I was in the right turn lane he was in the left turn lane we were both turning right, apparently he needed my lane as his own well he hit and wrecked my miata's precious quarter panel. Luckily a police officer was there and a report was filed. He didn't cite either of us. Apparently there was a witness statement that I hit the truck. How that is even possible I don't know but I guess I technically did hit the truck as it was coming into my lane because he couldn't make a turn and I doubt he could even see me.

Insurance companies have been called and I am still stressed out and tense down in my stomach area.

The car looks banged up but nothing seems wrong except smashed quarter panel and a chunk out of the lip of the wheel.

The truck driver had the gall to keep telling me that I should be careful around big trucks!!! This was after him telling me he got lost and had to turn around and that he shouldn't have been in the lane he was in. What am I supposed to be careful about? I don't know if his truck can't make a turn nor can I be careful enough to prevent one from coming into my lane and hitting me mid turn.

The good thing is the car can be repaired I didn't die and the best thing is the cop congratulated me on controlling the car when I spun out into the intersection.

hopefully the nerves will go back to normal the truck insurance company will pay me to fix my car and all of this will be behind me.


right now I think I am just gonna be stressed out and worried for a while.