Wasn’t my fault, i was sitting at a light and a lady wasn’t paying attention and took her foot off the brakes and coasted into my rear bumper. I was pretty angry about it because it’s something so stupid and minor that doesn’t need to happen. Just pay attention. Anyways, since the damage is so minor i’m not sure if i am going to go through the insurance company.

I have a $500 deductible and i honestly think it’ll cost less than that to fix. If it does cost less than that is that for the insurance company to decide and they get her insurance company to pay them back for the damages? Should i get a quote from a body shop before calling my insurance company? This is my first accident so excuse my ignorance on the subject. I called the police and they made a report and i have the ladies information. Took them forever to show up, was standing outside my car for almost an hour.