Got into an argument with a friend over brake-checking

I don’t care if you’re being tailgated and they’re flashing LED high-beams at you. Brake-checking them isn’t going to improve the situation. If anything, it’ll probably cause them to escalate their road rage. In this day and age who knows how short tempers are to pulling out a gun and getting shot or rammed off the road.

...He refuses to listen and I’m worried it’ll get him injured or killed. I care for my friends, even the ones I butt heads with, because I don’t want them to repeat mistakes that others have paid in the past. I don’t have a lot of skin in this game as I haven’t lost anyone to road rage and, luckily, all my other friends don’t drive like him. Still, as a volunteer Street Survival instructor, Jalop/Oppo and general human being I will never recommend messing with other drivers just because they might drive like assholes.


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