And to be honest, that’s the last time I’m going to get This PRS200 fixed. Taking it anywhere for repair means it must be shipped off to a Tissot center. $30 to ship/insure it both ways isn’t too horrible, but the actual cost of making it work again was aparently only a thorough cleaning + new knobs + seals for the battery backing. Oh a battery too. That totaled $245. All in, $275+

Brand new these sold at $550. It was purchased as an Xmas present at I believe $250. If I wanted to have the whole thing polished and cleaned up as well so it would look close to the picture above, that would have been another $230 charge! For a bath and buffer polish! Nice watches are one thing but care and maintenance and upkeep costs greater than the buy in price are frankly bullshit. They then tell me that a swiss quartz watch usually goes 5-7 years before it needs maintenance. That’s the bullshit part.

I’ve learned from a co-worker, who has three Rolexes, they can’t go much more than 5 years without a $600 maintenance. Of course nothing about that GMT divers watch should cost $9,000 so just to have that name on your wrist, well, heres where I’d go off on a tangent of what superficial feelings mean. They don’t keep any better time than a Casio or a timex.

So this Tissot will be worn at work, becuase accessory. Otherwise I’m happy to go with something practical and more Timex related. Should this break, again in the estimated 5-7 years, it will be put in the dresser drawer and it’s replacement would have things I acutally need. A GMT hand and solar charging, possibly atomic time keeping if it’s not a lot more. But that’s what I actually need and taking care of any money watch would be equal to buying a Citizen pilot watch as a disposable purchase every few years.

Reminds me of the crooked DeBeers diamond cartel