I got a Moto X Pure Edition this weekend. In spite of having a really stupid name, it’s a good phone. Since I use a case, I don’t care about the fancy wood or other finishes, nor did I want to pay for them. Instead, I wanted to get my grubby mitts on it immediately, so I got the plain black version at Best Buy.

For those wondering about size, I can tell you that for my slightly above-average sized male human hands, the X Pure is slightly too big. My previous phone was an LG G2. With its 5.2” screen, it was totally manageable for me, even with a slim case on it. The X Pure is 5.7” and I have to do the rest-the-bottom-of-the-phone-on-my-pinkie-and-strrrretch maneuver to reach the top of the screen a tad more than I’d want, but it’s manageable. I tried out a Nexus 6 and that was definitely more unwieldy than the X Pure.


Shockingly, it’s been a whole two years since I bought my LG G2. I would’ve been fine keeping it longer, except it started developing touchscreen glitches. In portrait orientation, the part of the screen just below the very top doesn’t register touches anymore. This is super annoying since lots of things you’re supposed to tap on are right at the top of the screen.

(Before anyone tries to tell me how to fix it, I tried what you think I should try. Trust me.)

I also took this opportunity to switch from Verizon to Cricket. Cricket is AT&T’s wild ‘n crazy low priced prepaid brand. So now I have 10 GB data + unlimited talk/text + assorted international features like unlimited texting to Mexico, for $55/month all-in. I don’t know anyone in Mexico, but now I can text literally everyone in that country as much as I want, for no additional charge!

Apparently I’m not the only person who jumped on the X Pure at Best Buy, since multiple news outlets are reporting that the X Pure is almost totally sold out at Best Buy. I got the last one at my local store, a black 16 GB model. Coincidentally, the only one still in stock on bestbuy.com is the black 16 GB.


I also scored a 32 GB microSD card for 5 bucks, after an Amazon price match, and a $10 Best Buy reward certificate I needed to use up.

For anyone who remembers how many tablets I bought and returned before settling on one, you’ll be happy to know that I have no such plans to do that with phones. There are way more good phones out there than 10” Android tablets.

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