I had 3 pedals all weekend. Drove the E46, waxed/washed, put away. Drove my fiancee’s R53 cooper s, my mom’s R56 cooper s. I drove the Audi into work today and and got ready to execute a quick down shift as I approached my exit. I was all ready to go with my hand hovering over the shifter and my foot ready to press the clutch.

To my surprise I shifted up instead of down, while my left foot awkwardly explored the nether region between the dead pedal and the brake. Luckily I didn’t clip the brake as I have done before.

Audi has got a few things backwards, the scrolling direction of the click wheel for the infotainment system, and the shift direction on the console shifter. Every other DSG I have ever driven has been fwd for - and back for +

Happy Monday!