I learned a lot about old plates, like pickups get commercial plates and several years are 1951 plates with little tags to cover it up. I found a plate dealer on Ebay and he restores rusty plates and checks the DMV to verify they are good for year of manufacture plates. In CA they are basically vanity plates with a YOM application 352. There are lots of variations and rules depending on the year. I had no idea I needed commercial plates.

Then, apparently:

“When you leave the DMV you will have your YOM tags and a window sticker to show temporary registration. The DMV will keep your previously registered plates and, in my case, the pink slip. You are not allowed to mount the YOM tags on the car until you get a metal adaptor plate and current registration stickers in the mail from the main DMV office in Sacramento. I left the DMV feeling I’d never see my title again and wondering if all the forms had been filled out properly.

Once processed, you will get a metal piece to bolt on to the rear license plate. This metal piece is for the registration stickers that are in current use to show the vehicle is properly licensed. In my case processing took just a little under three weeks.

And I did get my pink slip back.

By the way, the bicycle reflector attached to the license tag is to comply with section 24607 of the California Vehicle Code.”


I’m not sure what adaptors the DMV will give me, I see these metal tag things for sale.