I want(ed) to write a long winded rant about bicycle people, making sweeping generalizations about a huge portion of the population as represented by a tiny minority of said population....


In fact I did.

But I didn’t post it.

Basically I feel non-specifically wronged and have no reason to feel that way which actually compounds the feeling.


Anyway. Turns out the bike shop just held on to my shit for a couple days but didn’t actually do anything with it because bike shop reasons.

And the tires they ordered and were going to put on weren’t the right size so their suggestion was to... go somewhere else?


At least they didn’t charge me for :looks at work order: storage?

But that isn’t really the issue, I guess. Not sure I can articulate what the issue is, but I think I’m done with bike shops for a while.


Funny enough this sort of thing is why I started wrenching on my cars. (Also because I am a cheap bastard.)

I guess I’m going to learn to do everything myself on a bike too! TO THE INTERNET!

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