But first, some carnage pictures...

That’s not gone well.
Goodbye tire and wheel.

Was hoping the tow company would send a flatbed, they did not.

Away with ye’

The car was ready exactly one week later, top job! Except the part where they reassembled the driver door assembly incorrectly and I couldn’t get in my car. Still very pleased with the service and result.

They even obliged not to drill holes in the new front bumper so I can run the front plate off the tow hook should I so choose. Another positive is the new replacement tire is within tolerance of the other 3 slightly older tires so I don’t have to buy new tires. Really lucked out there.


Feel free to guess what the damage estimate came out to be (bumper, fender, headlight,paint,labor).

And now it’s Nor’easter time. Already had to lift a fallen Ninja, not many times do you get to say those words...


Bonus Z06 Update: Took the Z to get inspected, but they wouldn’t let me through because I don’t have a square cutout in the windshield tint for a new sticker. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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