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Got my carbuying fix today

I couldn’t end the year without buying one more car.

Picture stolen from Wikipedia, since the ad was taken down, but it’s the exact same car

Luckily, my brother in law needed a new car since his current work car is falling to pieces.


We went through some ads, checked some prices, went to check out a nicely priced Hyundai i30 station wagon, and he bought it.

Nothing spectacular, just like the car itself.

First registered 11/2009
1.6 crdi (90hp)
12 months warranty
Trailer hitch
Very good condition

Goal was a cheap, safe, reliable car.
It’s far from exciting, but hey, I got to go buy a car. A nice side effect is that my sister, nephew and niece won’t drive around in a car I consider more dangerous than my Chevy.

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