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Got my Covid-19 test

Photo for illustration. This is not me.
Photo for illustration. This is not me.

Not because I think I have it, but because I’m have an outpatient procedure next week. However, now I’m supposed to quarantine until the procedure, which is a week from tomorrow. The instruction sheet they gave me doesn’t seem all that strict, and is really not that much different from what we’ve been doing since spring break. I just can’t go to the store or go out for anything.

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As for the test, it wasn’t bad at all. The giant swab they stuck in my nose was flexible, and they only did one side of my nose. The doctor also said that my nasal passages were straight and unobstructed. It was just a bit tickly. What I’d like to have is the antibody test. I got a bit sick at the very beginning of all this, and I’d love to know if I had a mild case of the corona. It was probably just a cold, but still....

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