I brought a R32 Skyline into the US and have been showing my dad this car as well as others on like facebook and other sites and he’s interested in getting something importing one of his own now. I always thought he was more of an American car guy and rides Harley Davidsons didn’t think I could get him into asian cars but I did.

Basically he wants to get a car he can keep for a few years and will either remain the same value or appreciate. I don’t know yet how much he wants to spend.

He likes medium to larger performance cars or otherwise sleek coupes, though he can appreciate stuff like a Pulsar GTIR I don’t think he would want one. He’s going to want to start looking when he moves to Arizona which is happening soon, they already have a house and are waiting on closing of theirs where they are now.

Anyways here’s a list of cars i’m going to recommend him. Please do give me some recommendations:

FD RX7 (pictured below) - this car fits what he wants the most. If I can get a 91 RX7 I think he would enjoy it.


Mazda Cosmo with the 20B engine: I think this car will appreciate or hold it’s value and it’s sleek looking when done up right. My dad is also older (in his late 60s) and I don’t see him hooning a car so a auto transmission for him is an option.


Skyline GTR - IDK how much money he’s going to want to spend. If he says he wants to spend in the 15-20k range this is what he’s going to get. However I doubt he will want to spend that much.

FC RX7 Infini - I think a rare FC RX7 might fit his criteria.

MK3 Toyota Supra R - I think these cars are about to climb in general and a JZA70 R I think would be the perfect one to obtain. At the very least I don’t see it’s value descending.


R31 Skyline GTS-R - Still are obtainable for a very reasonable sum even in the US. I saw one for a buy it now on ebay for $9500 a few weeks ago that was snapped up quick.


Silvia or 180SX - Clean examples are almost impossible to find in the US and in Japan but if I can find him one it will be a fun car with a good investment. Will only go for SR20DET cars.


Anyways this is my short list for now. Anything else I should recommend to a retiree wanting some JDM fun?

Here is a RX7 for your time: