Just deleted the mid muffler on the TL and it sounds fantastic, but is very very mild still. The tone is exponentially better, and under full throttle it sings. Around the city I can barely tell the difference, and I haven’t experienced any drone yet.

Around the Acura boards a mid muffler delete is referred to as “stage 1" (I know, its dumb). I had it done for $50 just to get a taste, but now I need to go stage 3 because the interior noise level barely changed. “stage 3" is the mid muffler delete but with stock resonator swapped with an aftermarket res.


As far as 1 month impressions of the TL, I am still in my honeymoon phase coming from a big lifted 4x4 so I can’t be too objective. Its quick, its comfy, its elegant, and yes, its a little anonymous. The Pathfinder was a neck snapper; Not because it was good looking, but just because it was big and unique.

In its natural habitat

Am I worried that the trans will grenade?


No comment.

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