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Got my first quote today...

Over $7000..and I'd love advice from anyone willing to give it!

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One of the things I've been worried about is the mechanical aspect of things. How is that taken into consideration with insurance? I noticed it was shifting harder into second gear and that the suspension was making some noise.

Also I'm worried about the company not using OEM parts, and I really am not interested in aftermarket replacement parts. I read Brian, the Life of's post, but I feel live I've been receiving mixed signals so much already and I haven't even talked to the other persons insurance company yet. The lady handling the claim on my side basically said that the other persons insurance will have shops they prefer to use and that I'm just wasting my time getting quotes from someone else. I've also been told to just go ahead and fax any quotes to the other persons insurance agent when I get their information! ARG!


Thirdly, what are my options when the quote comes in if I decide I don't want to repair the car? I'm leaning towards no. It's supposedly pretty close to where they might total it, but may decide not to. Thats a tough position to be in because I'm in limbo and don't know exactly how to think at this point. I'm also worried about diminished value if I were to get the car repaired. And quality of work, blah, blah, blah. Any advice would be amazing.

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