Yesterday, I decided it was time to put on my new summer tires with the 15x8 wheels that I found for under $200! They were pretty dirty when I got them but after cleaning them a bit, I think they look pretty nice on the car. Only problem is fitment. The rear suspension was set up a little too low so any turns or bumps were rubbing really badly. You cannot even fit a finger in there at rest so it is way too tight. When I tried to raise the suspension I was having all sorts of trouble, plus it was dark and hailing outside, so I had to put the other wheel back on one corner. So now three corners are finished nicely but the back left will need to be figure out. The adjuster screws are really difficult to move so I have to evaluate if I am doing something wrong. Anyways, I think these wheels look pretty sweet and I am excited to see how the tires perform once I get things sorted!

Also, first time I have ever seen hail! Kinda crazy, especially while sitting inside a soft top car. Thought the world was ending or something.