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Got myself a Foz!

Bought myself my first car today! (previously was given a '96 Clio - euuuch, sold it, and our Saabs have been my GFs, though I may have influenced the choice of marque). This is the first car I've chosen for myself - the 2004 Subaru Forester in the pic. Pretty pleased with it, its just the base 2L NA (decided the fuel bills for an XT might get stupid here in the UK) but it's pretty good fun.

Few minor things with it, huge chip in the screen (though my insurance should cover that), drivers window motor is dead and the others sound pretty tired, and it takes some persuading to go into reverse, in fact the gearchange feels a little 'rubbery' - theres not a really convincing feeling the lever has definitely gone into gear- is that just how it is and is the window thing a common/big problem?


Drives nicely though, higher than a car but not tall enough to have much roll round corners, nice bark to the engine and my dog loves the big rear window. Thumbs up :)

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