What is the sound of one piston slapping?
What is the sound of one piston slapping?

But it is all good now!
I'm in the town of my alma mater for a doctors appointment and had some time to kill. Well, it has been icy so everything is covered and slippery.

Campus parking lots are empty and icy. Perfect for doing some winter tests on the Fiesta ST.


Band brake turns are great. Car control is easy with Tue electric steering once you feel where the wheels are. I had lots of fun and figured out how to control my car in the snow in a safe manner. I even had a pal in a green pickup do some choreography of his own.

But that was when the campus police showed up.

I mentioned that in addition to fun I was trying to learn some car control. Apparently he didn't want to do paperwork, cause he let me off with a warning. I'm glad, cause it would have been a wreckless charge.


All in all, I know what I did was technically illegal, but it was valuable to my experience behind the wheel. I like to think that Starsky thought the same.

In all, I hooned a big parking lot in a Fiesta. It was a good day.

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