I was out for a drive just to be out for a drive, so when the officer pulled me over and asked where I was coming from, I had no answer. I just said I'd been driving around for a bit just for the sake of doing it, which wasn't a lie. It sure sounded like one, though, since I was apparently heading toward campus about a mile past a liquor store that is notorious for accepting fake IDs. (it's out of county, though, and they apparently don't care enough to shut it down, so this county's police just patrol that street every night) He took my license and asked all three of my passengers for theirs, too, which was odd. He then had me get out of the car and said that if I tell him whose alcohol is in the trunk, he would just confiscate it and write me a ticket; if I continued to "lie" about it, I'd be arrested. Of course, this prompted that horrible feeling of wondering whether, somehow, there actually was alcohol that had magically appeared in the car. I just told him that he wouldn't find any, and finally he told me to pop the trunk revealing ... absolutely nothing. He handed back our IDs and told me that my 3rd brake light was out, then just drove away. I'm really not concerned with anything that may have been illegal on his part, since he was nice (although terrifying) and I did consent to the search, but it does feel sort of fishy. I don't think I touched the brakes until his lights went on, so that would mean he pulled me over entirely on a hunch. Of course, I don't know for sure if that's what happened, so whatever. It made for a unique experience.

Also, 3rd brake lights should emit at least a bit of a glow into the cabin. There's really no way to know that it's out until someone tells you, and it can be a panicky situation as I have found out.