Driving home from work. A car a ways behind me was passing people on sidewalks and the shoulder. Sitting stopped at a round-a-bout. This same car was now behind me and nudged my trailer hitch pretty good, it had been stopped behind me but I guess waiting wasnt on the agenda. I got out, as i was walking along side my truck towards this person. He rammed my truck, pushing a 5300lb truck over a foot with his car. He then backed up and went to drive around again smashing into my truck.
At this point i was standing beside my truck, he rammed the side of his car into me. Pinned me between the two vehicles and drove. I was dragged between the two vehicles, like rolling a pen between the palms of your hands. Ended up on the ground in the round-a-bout. Tried to get up but my ankle was collapsed (just momentarily, as if it were asleep, can walk on it now). My legs were gibbled. The driver proceeded to flee erratically, driving up onto the sidewalk and smashing into a bollard barrier.
An off duty, out of town, police officer and his wife helped me to the sidewalk, along with another guy with a BassPro hat so he’s alright in my books. Thanks guys.
He drove another 100m before fleeing on foot.
I was somewhat able to walk and sit in my truck, and hobble to and from the ambulance, they looked me over, and i opted to not have them take me to a hospital. Mom thought otherwise.
Both legs are fubbed, I’ve since gone to the hospital for x-rays, nothing broken. Left ankle is the size of an orange. Rear end of my truck is crushed and complete driver side is dent impressioned a la my body being rolled down it. Jeans, shoes, shirts, even my socks and boxers are shredded. Had my phone in my hand attempting to take a picture of his plate, it’s cracked. RayBans survived, highly recommend.
Since Mad Max fled, he can deny being the driver. So bringing charges against will be difficult. He also does not have to provide information if some *other* person was driving. At which point all he can be charged with is obstruction, but this is Canada and that won’t go far either. Detectives were on scene, i may have to do a photo lineup, but i didn’t get a line of sight on him until he was charging at me. So not great. There are good witnesses for the incident, but again not of the driver. My mom is my plus 1 for tonight’s date night

After coming home from the hospital and looking over my truck I see the following needing repair:
Rear bumper
tail gate
driver side of box (all one piece?)
Both driver side door
side step
at least one rim
front quater
front bumper

He was turned into the side of my truck as he dragged me between the two, you can see where his front tire started to climb up on my front tire.

I’m lucky, and ripped on meds.