Went over to Larry’s place to tinker on the 27 chev, he sent me home with two groovy embroidered Studebaker patches, and a 1940's tin lunchbox. Thought yous guys might be into that sort of thing. Also, I’ve been recruited by the the little bodyshop of horrors for rust work, just the resto projects just cutting, fitting fabbing, welding. Don’t have to do the mud work or work on the regular gross crashed minivans and taxis, it’s a sweet gig, in my spare time, and comes with keys to the shop. First up is a mercury pickup, giving me an excuse to learn the english wheel I bought and only messed with for an hour.

This will be my patient. gotta get in some floors to keep it square, then chop, hammer weld and lead. Wish I had the motivation to do this at home, since I’ve acquired most of a complete body shop over the last decade or so.