A few days ago I asked you to choose which car to take to Oppomeet Europe. A lot of you voted and commented, and it was pretty clear which car you wanted to see at Oppomeet.

From 94 voters, 54 chose the Chevy, 37 voted the GTI, 2 voted the Audi, Hammerheadfistpunch voted the Pajero, and in the comments, Opposaurus voted -1 for the Audi.

The comment section brought up a good question: are you allowed to drive a car with no seatbelts on the NĂĽrburgring?

The rules say you have to wear a seatbelt while on the track, but doesn’t stipulate if this counts for cars that never had seatbelts. I contacted the service center to clarify this. The answer was short and clear: no, cars without belts are unfortunately not allowed on the Ring.

I didn’t contact Spa, but I guess they have similar safety rules.

No airbags, no belts, no track


Taking the Chevy would mean no circuit for me, bummer. So now the question is: taking the Pug and doing the “normal thing” or taking the Chevy and skipping the tracks. I’ll flip a coin.