Its battery won't hold a charge with the engine off and takes forever to get the car started, so it needs an alternator. I had to get a jump start last night and this morning. The first things it'll need are probably suspension components, because the car was not handling imperfections on road at all and some bushings looked busted. All in all, it drove nicely and was structurally and mechanically good. It pulls hard as it should, but people still love to be assholes and tailgate you due to their distaste of the car. Oh yeah, and honking for no reason. No Corvette drivers do the wave, either. There were three other C4s in the parking lot where I waited, though! The engine and transmission could both run a bit more smoothly, but some seafoam along with a tuneup and new gear oil should remedy that. It'd definitely benefit from a nice steering wheel and shift boot on the inside, but I don't know that it would be able to replace the shift knob and still be able to engage overdrive. Overall, things were good and there wasn't a single major red flag. Not bad for a $5000 craigslist 'vette.