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Before the mail arrived with the replacement battery I was going through my eBay purchases over the years. As it turns out I bought a battery for this thing almost two years ago - oops. I found it, but it didn’t seem to take a charge or make the remote boot.


The new battery arrived, but nothing changed. Still a blank screen and just a couple of blinks out of the power light when the battery was installed. I did a little research and found out how to do a reset - sort of. I managed to get the unit into safe mode, with the display finally turning on, and from there I installed the software and did an update.

It didn’t take long for the charge on the new battery to be depleted, so it’s on the charger now. It keeps asking to set up the IR blaster, but I thought that this wasn’t part of the One. I think the device may have been misidentified as a Harmony 900, which does have the blaster, hence the problem. I’ll have to check the settings and see if I can flash it with the correct software.


So far it seems to be working just fine. I’ve only set it up to run the TV and the Xbox, and it handled those without a problem. I guess I need to get around to installing all of the A/V crap in the living room; right now it’s just a pile of unconnected components.

Another device rescued from the landfill. It took some time to make this thing work, but I like the sense of satisfaction that comes from figuring out the problems and saving unwanted/damaged things. Now to do something about this headache - I don’t think it came from this project, but the project certainly didn’t help get rid of it...

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