Say hello to what is likely Washington State’s most hardcore Pizza delivery vehicle.

I have no clue where I’ll put food. Trunk is 1st pick, luggage rack 2nd choice, and I suppose if necessary I can remove the passenger seat. Oh and there’s space on the parcel shelf directly below the rollbar! This is going to fun (for a couple months until working 7 days/70 hours a week gets old). I can’t wait for sunny days, getting paid to drive around.


I was a bit surprised that there were two interviews. More than I was expecting for a pizza delivery job, but Pagliachis seems to be a pretty well run business from the hour or so I saw of it. An old high-school friend is a shift lead there while going to school, which is cool.

Goal is to save every penny and make this spring/summer the best earning period of my life. Then... New things!