After the truck decided it didn't want to start yesterday, I was confused. First I thought I had just flooded the engine, but after making sure the carb was getting fuel (and after having let the carb air out for a few hours), it still wasn't starting and I knew it was a spark issue. Pulled a plug, cranked it over, and no spark. Did it again with another plug to confirm it wasn't just a fouled plug, and that one didn't spark either. Turns out that little red wire (damn motherfucker) had fallen off. It gives the coil power. Yup, that'll do it. Glad it was a nice easy fix, and I made sure to take the truck out for a celebratory drive round the block (it's still not registered and the tires are old.

Now oppo poll time. I'm planning on fabbing up my own exhaust once I get long tubes and an exhaust kit (I'm thinking long tube headers into an X-pipe, into Dynomax bullet mufflers and dump it behind the axle). In the mean time, the stock mufflers are ballooned out and have holes in them, and some of the exhaust is rotted out. Do I just take a sawzall and hack off the exhaust in front of the mufflers for the time being?