Ok, it only went half a mile, but that was enough to prove out the clutch, turn signals, four of the six gears, speedometer, odometer, and brakes. Everything worked! It also got an oil change, as suggested by Oppo, and I fixed a fuel leak.

In my short drive I got to know the car a little better. First off, the cable actuated clutch is weeeeeeird. It reminds me of the Buggy, but I guess it would because that is the only other car I’ve driven with a cable actuated clutch. The throw is scary short, but the whole thing seems to work well so… I guess I’m not going to worry about it.

It… doesn’t have a lot of power. I don’t know if that is because the carb isn’t tuned right, the choke wasn’t fully open, there is a problem with the engine, or all three. Probably all three. Either way, it was enough to putter around, but I expect that WOT isn’t going to be much to get excited about. I decided not to try it until I build a little more trust… and make sure my throttle return spring is better secured.

Few electrical gremlins here and there, but nothing to actually worry about. Also I detected a whirring noise as I got going a little faster, but TBD what that is. Probably worth changing the transmission fluid and seeing where that gets me.


So yeah. This thing may just live!

Doggos for your time.