Having owned a couple of older Boxster years back, and driving a Cayman for awhile, I’ve developed a soft spot for Porsches. So when I got invited to this event- I just had to go (and of course film link at the bottom of article).

What I found beyond rows and rows of Porsche cars, is that unlike some high end car owners, these guys (and some girls) were all really nice (and some very chatty).

Even got to see a couple of rare Porsches like the GT2 RUF 550 (yes horsepower) and a RS America as well. But believe it or not that wasn’t even the coolest car I saw even though it was 1 of 2 conversions made.


Nope, my favorite car there was not even a Porsche at all. It was a 1 million dollar imported Toyota 2000GT. Check out the video (even got to use the drone) Cars and Coffee Porsche Edition & a $1 million Toyota As always, comment what you think, and recommend if you found informative or interesting.