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Got to drive a Gallardo a few weeks ago around the Seacoast

So I finally got around to attending to the pictures I took at my dad’s wedding a few weeks back. He rented a Lamborgini Gallardo to drive up in. My dad had told me a while back that he had planned to do this and that I’d be able to drive it. I was excited but kind of forgot about it and didn’t actually think I’d really be able to. During the wedding day my step mom came up to me and asked me if I was ready to drive it. I was shocked that I would really be able to. I grabbed my girlfriend, Hanna, and we hopped in the car.

I mumbled something about, “Is there anything I need to know before I go?” I was told how to get it in to neutral and that was about all I needed to know apparently. I hadn’t driven a paddle shifter before but figured it couldn’t be too difficult. I prefer to row my own but this should be pretty cool. So I sit down in the driver seat. Hanna takes a few photos, and you can almost see the horror in my face. I’m super nervous to be driving this car. I’ve watched enough Lambo youtube snuff videos that I’m too afraid to even touch the go pedal.

I start it up and put it into first and drive across the grass and then through the gate. There was hardly any space to get by the big food truck and the gate. I wedge through on to the dirt and realize how low this car actually is. Also how wide it really is. We get out onto the road and immediately people are starring at us. People are taking pictures with their mouths wide open (not unlike how I look when I see cars I drool over). I am short shifting hard not letting the rev’s go over 4 grand. I’m so nervous haha. We drive up the coast in Rye, NH getting tucked in behind all the other people driving. I think I got over 35 mph once. I did step on the gas for a second but not enough room to feel it pull and wasn’t about to test it. I did toss it in neutral and hit the gas. The engine snarls unlike anything I’ve heard before. What a wonderful sound.


We continue to drive down the coast until i realize we’ve been driving for a bit. I finally feel comfortable driving it. Other people probably want to take the car out. I find a quiet road to turn around in. I put it in neutral then down shift...and uh oh, how the hell do I get the car in reverse. The car pops out of neutral when I hit paddles...what is going on. I put it in neutral again, to no avail. Hanna is starting to get nervous. We are sitting in an expensive car on a side road in Rye and we have not a clue how we are going to get this thing back. Finally this little button catches my eye. “R”. Ah!! There is is. I put it in neutral and then to reverse and we get back on the main road. I then find a place to pull over again. Hanna, it is your turn. She is more nervous than I was. She hops in and is practically squealing she is so excited to drive it. I tell her when to shift and that it’s just like driving a normal car for the most part haha. We get back safely and didn’t make any failed supercar videos. So that was nice.

I would’ve liked more time with the car and to see some of the things it could do. I never even looked at the interior, all i could think about was driving it. But i will say it was fun to drive a fast car slow. It felt so stuck to the ground. The steering was amazing. I like a heavier feel to the steering wheel and that definitely had it. All and all it was fun even if I drove my GTI faster on that same road hours before.

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