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Got to visit with the Buster today

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Accidentally had my new shoes shipped to my parents house, (last time I ordered anything from Zappos was long ago). Oh well, Buster puppins was so very happy to see me.


My parents neighbors have a son with autism who really likes cars, planes, trains or anything that goes, so he saw my Camaro last week and ran out of the house to see it as I was leaving. He really wanted to see it, so today he wandered over to take a look. I let him sit in the driver’s seat and his happiness rivaled Buster’s. I started it up for him (after I popped the hood to show him the motor) and rev’d it a few times, once again resulting in supreme joy. His little sister and mom were also outside with him, and his sister turned to  their mom and said, “Our car sounds like trash!” After I shut it off he wanted back in and his mom took a picture for him. Cars are good.

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